Flatter Your Curves & Show Them Off With These Easy Style Tips

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When it comes to having curves, your style options are literally endless. From hourglass-hugging bodycon dresses to fitted jeans that take after the silhouette of your waist and legs, fashion truly is your playground to rule and explore. But looking good doesn’t have to stop short at what has already been sewn in and hemmed in place by fashion brands.

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Simply broaden your horizons, and you’ll be surprised how easy it can be to pull together the perfect #ootd without even trying. Here are some tips we recommend to get you started!


1. Belts are every girl’s best friend

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If you’ve only considered belts as a practical accessory to help your pants stay on your hips, then it’s time to change. Asides from keeping your pants well secured, a properly used belt can also help give a shapelier lines to otherwise loose-fitting garments. By adding a belt to any maxi dress or blouse, you can cinch the garment in to create a more curvaceous waistline that hugs better on your figure.

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This helps give an added edge to any casual outfit, as well as a touch of sensuality.


2. Consider buying shapeware 

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While we do not advocate for rigid, restrictive undergarments (like corsets or bodices) in everyday attire, shapeware is a definite must-have for any woman. Often used to smoothen parts of the waistline, stomach and hips, they can easily elevate the appearance of any piece of clothing effortlessly.

Asides from accentuating the lines and contours of your body, shapeware can also help provide support in certain areas of the body too.


3. Know your figure 

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and study the way that your curves look and react to what you wear. Finding new ways to tailor or style your wardrobe starts with understanding your anatomy. Try out different cuts of clothes that you have and see how tucking something in or letting it loose can change the way your entire ensemble looks completely.

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But most importantly, see how each hemline falls on your body, if they rest on the right places. The bustline of a dress for example, should sit properly over your bust. And if you’re buying knee-length pants, make sure they sit at your knees and not your calves!


4. The right bag for the right occasion 

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A girl can never have too many bags, that much we can agree on. But the right bag works best for the right occasion, so pick wisely. For an everyday bag, pick something with a muted colour (beige, creams, black) and simple lines. But for dressier nights out, small clutches and minaudieres work best to give your outfit an added layer of glamour.

But beware with small bags; anything that looks too diminutive can go from chic to comical if not properly proportioned! So make sure that they are a complementary statement to your curves. To find out some of our top picks for 2021, click here.


5. The higher the waistline, the longer the legs 

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This trick works both for skirts and pants alike: high waistlines. By buying bottoms that are tailored to sit up the midsection, you can give off the illusion of longer legs. It also helps that many bottoms that are high-waisted tend to hold in the body better, too.

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Their elasticized fabrics ensures that unsightly muffin tops or folds can easily be hidden from view, giving your outfit a smooth, uninterrupted silhouette that flatters your curves.


6. Befriend the ponytail 

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You’ve seen it on Arianna Grande and Bella Hadid, and now it’s time to give it a go for yourself. High ponytails are not a new fashion fad. In fact, they’ve been around since the 1980s, most famously seen on R&B goddess Sade.

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By tying your hair into a relatively slicked back and tight ponytail, you can effectively accentuate your facial features with the illusion of a facelift, which lends the illusion of a sharper jaw and higher cheekbones.

Are there any other style tips that you know of? Share them with us in the comments!


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