Forget The Gym & Try These 11 ‘Workout-From-Home’ YouTube Channels Instead!

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In the wake of a ‘new normal’, getting a good workout in has become an almost too far-fetched notion to imagine. As gyms and public sports facilities continue to remain closed, is it even possible to get a high intensity routine from home? The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’. And all you need to do is check out some of our favourite YouTube trainers right here to try out some back-breaking, sweat-inducing workout routines.


1. PopSugar Fitness

Now you may be familiar with media company PopSugar’s lifestyle news offerings, but did you know they also run a fitness YouTube channel? With energetic workouts that typically involve little to no equipment asides from a yoga mat, these routines are sure to leave you breathless in ten minutes or less!


2. Caleb Marshall 

Popular for his high-energy dance workouts, Caleb Marshall has garnered a substantial audience for adding a lot of zest and fun into cardio training at home. Choreographed to popular pop singles, you’ll hardly notice the time passing as you work to keep up with the steps in his videos. His nonchalant and often hilariously exaggerated approach to coaching also keeps the vibes upbeat!


3. Boho Beautiful Yoga 

When it comes to yoga, peace and tranquility are paramount. Which is why we recommend trying Boho Beautiful Yoga’s instructional videos, if you’re keen on giving it a go. With courses tailored for specific objectives such as cardio, toning, or fat-burning, each session is set to an obscenely picturesque landscape and serene music. If you’re looking for a moment out of your day to cut loose with yoga, this is the ticket.


4. Blogilates by Cassey Ho 

If you’ve been hanging around the fitness sphere for long, then you’ll probably know fitness influencer Cassey Ho. Best known for Blogilates, arguably the pilates routine to practice in your daily rotation, each video is sure to kick up your energy levels as you plank, kick, and flex your way to completion.

Broken down into short intervals, Cassey’s constant motivation and bubbly energy makes working out light-hearted and spirited.


5. Ballet Beautiful

Have you ever considered trying ballet to help tone up your figure? No, we don’t mean signing up for ballet classes. But rather, incorporating ballet warm-up exercises used by professional ballerinas before dance performances. Best suited for those of you keen on training your lower extremities, Ballet Beautiful, founded by professional ballet dancer Mary Helen Bowers (who trained Natalie Portman in Black Swan, btw), has plenty of short classes that you can try out for a firmer derriere.


6. Joanna Soh 

Do you really want to feel the burn deep in your thighs after a workout? For some of us who are gluttons for punishment, a persistent ache is the definitive signal of a workout well done. And if you try any of certified-trainer Joanna Soh’s calorie-busting workouts, you’ll leave with your legs on fire. In a good way. Oh, did we also mention that Joanna is the first Malaysian woman to receive YouTube’s Gold Play button? Talk about incredible!


7. HAS Fit 

When it comes to sheer variety and volume, HAS (Heart and Soul) Fitness on YouTube is hard to beat. Boasting a library of over 1,000 different videos catering to strength training for all levels, they even have tailored programs that range from 30 all the way up to 90 days. No equipment? No problem. All you need to start is discipline and determination.


8. Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home

Think walking is boring? Well Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home routine is about to change all you know about counting your steps. While her videos may remind of you of retro-1980s fitness informercials, make no mistake. Leslie’s deceptively simple step exercises can easily get the blood pumping through your veins as the intensity and range of movements in your walks pick up. Perfect for those who lack equipment from home but want a good cardio workout, this is one way you can clock in your steps-per-day requirement while working from home.


9. BeFIT 

Want a YouTube channel that doesn’t just stop at workout routines? Then BeFIT is just the place for you. Featuring wellness, diet, and exercise advice from celebrity trainers such as Jilian Michaels and Thomas DeLauer, BeFIT’s content contains a wealth of comprehensive information to help you kick start a healthier lifestyle.



Before you ask, no, bodybuilding isn’t just for guys. Incorporating plenty of strength and resistance training that helps increase your muscle mass,’s routines are great for those who want to look and feel more toned. And keep in mind, increased muscle mass means an increased metabolism, so you’ll be able to loose more weight while you’re at it too.


11. FitnessBlender 

For at-home workout bunnies, FitnessBlender is a must-watch. Founded by husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelli, there are over 500 different workout routines for you to choose from, each one specifically deigned for those who are keen to work up a sweat from the comfort of home. Championing their slogan of ‘No Gimmicks’, their fitness videos go from accessible to brutally punishing, depending on your preference.

They even have paid guided fitness plans for those of you who want a more hands-on coaching experience!


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