Lymphatic Massage 101: What’s True & What Isn’t?

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How many wellness buzzwords do you know right off the top of your head? Acupuncture? Aromatherapy? Circadian health? Well now you can add yet another buzzword to your lexicon: lymphatic massage. Don’t know what that is? Not to worry, we’ve got the basics covered right here for you.

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As part of your body’s immune system, lymph nodes and the lymphatic system are meant to carry a fluid called ‘lymph’, which contains waste products from your body as well as disease-fighting white blood cells. But like other organs in your body, they can become blocked or swollen. This can lead to fatigue and exhaustion as toxins build up within the nodes.

Lymphatic massages are a popular solution to address this problem, and are often touted to include many other benefits too. These can range from mood enhancement to weight loss. But how much of that is true, and what else is marketing hogwash?


Claim: Lymphatic massages can help accelerate your lymphatic system

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Yes, it actually can. And this is a claim that has been backed by research which suggests manual exertion aka massages can help in encourage the body’s lymphatic system to perform better. As the lymphatic system acts as a crucial part to your body’s immune system, lymphatic massages can help reduce swelling in the body and improve conditions such as lymphedema.


Claim: Lymphatic massages can help you lose weight

Kind of. What we mean by this is that the lymphatic system isn’t directly responsible for weight loss as a whole. But with stimulation and improved lymphatic circulation, your body is capable of reducing water weight through lymphatic drainage, resulting in a firmer, more toned physical appearance and a temporary reduction of body weight.

In addition, it may also bolster your body’s metabolic rate, allowing for better weight loss results when coupled with exercise and dieting.


Claim: Lymphatic massages may treat insomnia 

Your time spent asleep is when your body gets to work in performing its housekeeping chores, ensuring that damaged cells are repaired in time and wounds begin to heal. However, when lymph nodes are blocked, they may result in instances of insomnia. Research has suggested that undergoing lymphatic massages can remedy this problem and improve your quality of sleep substantially.


Claim: Lymphatic massages can resolve sinus issues 

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Yes, it can but do not expect it to be a miracle cure. As with all massage techniques that promise tangible benefits, lymphatic massages can relieve sinus conditions in sufferers by stimulating the nodes under your mandible (jaw). Through massaging motions, fluids that accumulate as a result of a persistent sinus condition may be cleared, allowing some measure of relief.

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As for whether you’re a suitable candidate for a lymphatic massage, know that most healthy adults should be able to enjoy the treatment just fine without any worries and reap the benefits. However, if you currently suffer from preexisting conditions such as congestive heart failure or lymphatic infections, then you are advised to seek advice from a medical professional beforehand.


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