Here’s How To Boost Your Fiber Intake In 5 Minutes.

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Have you checked on your fiber intake today? For many of us, the answer to that question is probably a dismissive ‘no’. Which can pose as a big mistake, as our body is incapable of producing fiber on its own, despite needing it to function. In fact, the food you consume is your main (and only) source of fiber.

But to figure out why fiber plays a crucial part in our overall health, we need to first dissect what fiber actually is.

Fiber refers to the indigestible carbohydrates most commonly found in plants that we consume. Also called ‘roughage’ or ‘bulk’, it passes right through your digestive system relatively intact, as your body is unable to break it down completely.

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Types of fiber

The fiber you consume is broken down into 2 different varieties, each with its own distinct functions.

  1. Soluble fiber
  2. Insoluble fiber

Fiber takes up multiple roles in maintaining your body’s overall health, but chiefly serves to aid in the digestive process. Soluble fiber (fiber that dissolves in water) helps to balance out blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol. You’ll find this typically in oatmeal, apples, nuts, and beans.

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On the other hand, insoluble fiber (fiber that cannot be dissolved with water) ensures the regularity of your digestive cycle and stool size. This helps the food you eat move more easily in your digestive tract, preventing constipation. Wheat, whole grain bread, carrots, and cucumbers are often great sources of insoluble fiber.

Is one more important than the other? Not at all. Your body requires both types of fiber in equal measures.

Fiber is also used by your body to lower cholesterol levels, effectively reduces your exposure to severe heart diseases. Similarly, it can also reduce your blood pressure too.

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On top of that, regular fiber intake can also reduce your risk of developing Type-2 diabetes.

But best of all, a study has suggested that eating about 30 grams of fiber each day can aid in weight loss. That makes it an essential component to add to your diet, if you’re trying to keep the pounds off.

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In which case, what’s the quickest way to consume your necessary daily fiber intake?

If you have the time to prepare meals on your own, any combination of wheat, whole grains, or nuts can do the trick. You could even make it a point to have oatmeal too.

But if you’re pressed for time, nothing beats the convenience that comes from a fiber supplement like Curvea.

Developed to regulate your body’s digestion and promote detoxification, each sachet contains enough soluble fiber, naturally sourced from psyllium husk, to sustain you throughout your day.

It’s not short on nutrients either, with as many as 10 different superfoods in Curvea giving your body a boost. To top it off, we’ve also combined Curvea with Elimreal®, a plant-based mixture made in France for added nourishment. Simply add a sachet of Curvea into 250ml of water, stir, and consume.

Daily consumption of Curvea can effectively:

  • Reduce signs of bloating in the body.
  • Reduce water retention that results in weight gain.
  • Promote active detoxification of waste products & toxins from your body.
  • Ensure the regularity of your digestive cycle.

To get started with your very own Curvea kit or to learn more, drop us a message over our DMs and let’s chat!


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